A new brand from Tokyo Japan since 2015. L’une’s concept is “Ageless” “Genderless” and “Timeless”. Director Ms. Maezawa learned men’s tailoring technique in Tokyo, then moved to Paris to work with some fashion houses for ten years. Back to Japan, started a design office in Tokyo, and started this brand “L’une” (in  French “The One”) with thoughts on making garments; Tops which are  close to the face can make ones personality, but at the bottom, it is not that easy. Especially when she considered the complex of the lower part. It was natural for her to challenge herself to create beautiful silhouette pant line with comfort for women. The significant feature of L’une’s pant is the unique functional beauty of men’s tailored technique that she mastered. Now many fashion stylists in Japan find her pants very comfortable and make women legs beautiful.

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