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Ceramic. Tokoname ware



11cm diameter, 7.5cm hight with handle. Stainless mesh inside. 240ml.
This unique design with tear drop spout and no lid is perfect for brewing our loose leaf teas. The reason we don’t have a lid is so that the excess water that can often be left in normal tea pots is evaporated. This prevents the tea from over brewing so the second cup is just as good as the first!

Our Suggestion+

*How much tea should I use in a pot? As a basic fact, the more dried tea that you use, the stronger your cup of tea will be. As a general rule, you will be using 5 grammes of tea, about 2 heaping teaspoons, per 220 ml., which is about a cup. This being a general rule, it is changed depending on the type of tea you use. As well, note that we use only the high-quality tea leaves, which allows you multiple brewings, where you use hotter water after the first brew. *How long should I brew the tea for? It depends on what you want your final brew to taste like. One will find that the longer you brew your tea leaves for, the stronger, and more bitter, the cup will be as the time allows more tannins and caffeine to escape into the water, which are both responsible for astringency and bitterness.


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