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Sencha green tea



Zen Sencha is the king of all green teas. Tombo Tea’s is a fukamushi (deep steamed) sencha which is synonymous to the Shizuoka region where their tea estate is based. Being deep steamed results in a finer/powdery leaf structure but don’t be fooled this tea when steeped gives a bold and rich flavour compared to the light steamed version. It’s also healthier and higher in antioxidants as more of the leaf is consumed due to the finer leaf structure. This is the most popular type of sencha in the Tokyo region.
ZEN is a refreshing green tea that has grassy herbal notes and a bitter sweet characteristic. Our teas have a bright lively green colour unlike some of the yellow murky green teas you can get! MADE IN JAPAN


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This tea can be drunk any time of the day. If you are after a metabolism boost then this is also a great pre or post workout drink to help burn off those extra calories!


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